Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Poem

Nothing to do with the main blog. I just thought I'd throw it in here. This is a sonnet I did for AP Lit.

Near the end of the Book of Mormon a prophet named Mormon sees the destruction of his people. They've almost been completely wiped off the face of the land (in fact, in the end, his son is the last of the people). When he sees what has happened, he gives this beautiful lament of how all his people are dead, and how nothing can bring them back. If you want to see the whole thing go look at Mormon 6:17-22 in the Book of Mormon.

I did my own version, it's a lot more hopeful sounding than the version in the Book of Mormon, but I still like it. I didn't even plan to post this on Easter, it just happened that way. Cool. The iambic pentameter is messed up, and it's kind of rough, but here it is:

O Ye Fair Ones

O ye fair ones, why went you from the Lord?
You know the truth and you have felt His love
Yet here you stand and now see your reward
Lonely and dead to Him who is above

O ye fair ones, did you ne’er hear His words?
Nay, and now ye are all fallen and gone
and your bodies are left, food for the birds
and perhaps His promise is now withdrawn

O ye fair ones your redemption will come
In His good time will He have you come in
and say, “You see now what you have become,
but I will forgive you of all your sin”

O ye fair ones, we need not fear His will
O ye fair ones, the Lord loveth us still!

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