Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Poem

Nothing to do with the main blog. I just thought I'd throw it in here. This is a sonnet I did for AP Lit.

Near the end of the Book of Mormon a prophet named Mormon sees the destruction of his people. They've almost been completely wiped off the face of the land (in fact, in the end, his son is the last of the people). When he sees what has happened, he gives this beautiful lament of how all his people are dead, and how nothing can bring them back. If you want to see the whole thing go look at Mormon 6:17-22 in the Book of Mormon.

I did my own version, it's a lot more hopeful sounding than the version in the Book of Mormon, but I still like it. I didn't even plan to post this on Easter, it just happened that way. Cool. The iambic pentameter is messed up, and it's kind of rough, but here it is:

O Ye Fair Ones

O ye fair ones, why went you from the Lord?
You know the truth and you have felt His love
Yet here you stand and now see your reward
Lonely and dead to Him who is above

O ye fair ones, did you ne’er hear His words?
Nay, and now ye are all fallen and gone
and your bodies are left, food for the birds
and perhaps His promise is now withdrawn

O ye fair ones your redemption will come
In His good time will He have you come in
and say, “You see now what you have become,
but I will forgive you of all your sin”

O ye fair ones, we need not fear His will
O ye fair ones, the Lord loveth us still!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Confessions of a Senioritis Sufferer

One of the most known parts of being a high school senior is an infamous disease called, Senioritis. The disease usually presents symptoms in mid-winter or early-spring among high school seniors (duh); however it can begin to manifest much earlier than that. Symptoms include: extreme sleepiness, lethargy, forgetfulness, loss of inhibition, (possibly) angst; and in the late stages of the disease: extreme "antsyness", complete loss of interest in most aspects of life, and sometimes sleeplessness due to studying for final exams. There is only way to cure the disease, graduate from high school.

I must admit, I was hit by the early symptoms of senioritis around Christmas break when I realized, "Holy cow, I'm a semester away from graduating from high school." The only symptoms I was showing was a little bit of disregard for school, but everything was OK. But I think senioritis is starting to turn into a systemic disease for me. I'm forgetting things like nothing else, if you could see how lethargic I am in some classes I'm sure you'd agree that senioritis is attacking like crazy. But the big thing I've been saying is, "I don't care about school anymore, I just want to go to college."

It's interesting to me that I was so excited at the prospect of senior year. The top of the food chain, the pick of classes, the best year ever... yeah... not so much, but that's another blog from way back. If you want to see all that "disillusioned senior" stuff go look at my previous entry, "The Confessions of High School Senior-dom".

Senioritis has to be the strangest thing I've ever felt. I've never really been antsy about anything. Sure, when I buy a new airsoft gun I'm excited and a little bit impatient to get it, but it's nothing like what I'm experiencing right now. It's this weird feeling where... I don't really care about anything at school. I mean, I'm still trying in my classes and everything, but I don't care about high school anymore. The only thing that matters is getting done, getting a job, then going to BYU in the fall.

I'll admit, I'm going to miss Loveland High. but BYU is going to be so much better. I seriously cannot wait to get there and start. 9 weeks 'til I'm cured. So, like I've been saying for the last few weeks, I don't care about school anymore, I just want to go to college.